1. TUF 20 starts tonight!

    Ladies better be drinking free at the bars tonight because it’s the premiere episode of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ season 20. The show will consist of 16 talented ladies who are all vying to become the inaugural 115 lbs. women’s champion of the UFC.

    This season is almost a guaranteed to be ‘Must-see TV’ due to the fact that there are many legit female stars already. Household names like ‘Thug’ Rose Namajunas, Bec Rawlings, Tecia Torres, Felice Herrig are just a few. Plus the coaches will be lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and his next opponent Gilbert Melendez. I can’t wait to see what kind of drama the Team Melendez assistant coach, Nate Diaz causes. We all know he is one crazy individual and already has had some Twitter beef with Coach Pettis.

    My prediction is that Rose Namajunas and Carla Esparza will make it to the finale, and Rose will win it all. Oh yeah, and I used to train with Angela Hill who hails from NYC. I will be obviously pulling for her as well. She is a Muay Thai beast! Enjoy the show MMA nerds.


  2. Mousasi vs. Jacare predictions

    Happy Friday MMA nerds. It’s been awhile due to me moving from NYC to LA but posts will be coming more frequently from here on out. I am super pumped for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 50 on FOX Sports 1. By the way, FOX Sports 1 has had an amazing first year on cable TV and I find myself tuning in to the channel almost as much as I watch ESPN.

    Anyways, Mousasi vs. Jacare is truly a fight for the quintessential MMA nerd. Both pugilists have been on a tear, beating up their previous opponents in convincing fashion. Mousasi, who I call the Armenian BJ Penn due to his natural talent and lack of work ethic, is pretty much good at everything. If he played baseball, we’d call him a 5-tool player. Mousasi has high-level kick boxing, excellent grappling, and great transitions. Jacare on the other hand is a home run hitter because he possess Jiu Jitsu that is out of this world. On top of that, he has shown improvements in his striking by knocking out a very game Yushin Okami a year ago. Jacare has everything one needs to be a dominant champion, and is currently on a 6-fight win streak.

    Jacare is definitely the favorite but Mousasi is too crafty to count him out. I’m taking the underdog in this match and predicting a Mousasi TKO in the 3rd round.

    By the way, Alistair Overeem aka The Reem aka UBEREEM will be fighting Ben Rothwell on this card as well. This is a can’t miss free event! Peace!


  3. "I personally have a vision of myself as the world champion by the end of the year. And I’ve heard Dana say ‘he won’t be world champion by the end of the year,’ but who knows? I had a clear vision, like I had this vision that I was going to bring these [fight cards] back here when I first got the opportunity. Like I got the vision at UFC 93, I was going to be the guy to get in there and deal with. The same vision I had then, I have now. Who knows what can happen? Injuries happen in this game, and all I know is I stay ready. I’m looking to get as quick a turnaround as possible and climb that division, one by one. I will eliminate the whole division. When I am finished, there will be nobody left."
    — Conor McGregor
  4. Look who I bumped into at the mall, NJ’s finest, Franke Edgar (at Foodcourt @ Newport Mall)


  5. Farewell BJ Penn

    By PJ Chou

    “This is the end.” —- Those were the words of a somber BJ Penn after getting dominated by a prime Frankie Edgar last night. After the fight, many questioned why he came back; hell, even BJ himself questioned out loud why he came back for this fight after losing to Rory MacDonald. Based on the post-fight press conference, I think BJ needed to see for himself if he could beat an elite fighter that was closer to his size after losing to a much bigger and taller Nick Diaz and Rory Mac.

    Well last night we all got the answer…literally, “The Answer” Frankie Edgar. Proud Jersey boy, Frankie Edgar, destroyed BJ Penn with his typical ‘stick-and-move’ style and finished “the Prodigy” with brutal ground-and-pound in the 3rd round. The sport of Mixed Martial Arts has officially lost one of its last living legends in BJ Penn. The days of an invincible Chuck Lidell, Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, Matt Hughes, and BJ Penn are long behind us. MMA is now truly a sport and only the young and highly-conditioned athletes can survive in this sport. I guarantee you will never see a fighter like Kashuzki Sakuraba smoking a cigarette and having a beer during a fight.

    It’s no secret that my favorite fighter of all-time is BJ Penn, and this blog was created partially due to my love for Mr.Penn (check the website logo). But BJ transcends much more than MMA, he represents the regular guy who loves eating burritos but could possibly know martial arts and whoop your ass. He’s the short, chubby asian dude who gets picked on by the jock and proceeds to choke the jock out.

    Well Father Time has caught up with him, just like it catches up with every legend of any sport. Last night was hard to watch, and deep down most BJ Penn fans knew it was coming. It still hurt though. I’m glad BJ went out on his shield and retired on his own terms.  The Hawaiian Icon will continue to symbolize something bigger than fighting though.  Hats off the greatest lightweight fighter of all time, and keep living that Aloha life bro.  Enjoy retirement and your beautiful family!


  6. "18 fights in the UFC, or 17, I don’t even know, and the motherf*cker couldn’t even get off Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg rang and tried to get that man off Facebook!"
    — Connor McGregor regarding Cole Miller

  7. "If anybody brings up 186 pounds to me, I look at them cross-eyed. Honestly, I start feeling sick when I get to 204 pounds."
    — Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson

  8. "A part of me is sad that TRT-Vitor has to come to an end"
    — Joe Rogan

  9. Michael Bisping ethers Tim Kennedy

    If Michael Bisping ever quits fighting, he could certainly ghostwrite some diss tracks for a few rappers out there.  I used to absolutely despise Bisping, but over the years he has won me over.  He even has me rooting for him against the ‘American Hero’ Tim Kennedy.  Is that un-American of me?  Bisping’s smack talk is the best in the business.  Check out what he wrote for Yahoo Sports.

    via Yahoo Sports:

    "Every fighter – myself included – says things like “this is my best camp ever” all the time but, having spent many sleepless nights thinking perhaps I’d never be in camp for a fight ever again, I genuinely feel like I’m in the greatest camp of my life right now. I don’t know if the break recharged my love of the gym or I’m just that excited to be back doing what I love, but I am flying through this camp and can’t wait to get to Quebec City, Canada to make short work of Tim Kennedy on April 16.

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  10. Happy St.Patrick’s Day - The Conor McGregor Documentary


    In honor of St.Patrick’s Day, here is an MMA documentary about Conor McGregor’s preparation for his 2nd UFC fight against Max Holloway.  The self proclaimed ‘King of Dublin’ is one of the most hyped fighters on the UFC has ever seen.  At first I was skeptical of the Notorious one, I thought he was the UFC’s attempt to target the Hipster market, but now I am singing a different tune.  Watching his insane highlight reel, and dissecting his first two UFC fights, I believe he is the real deal.  Can this Irish bloke challenge the champ, Jose Aldo?  We will see very soon.  So, crack open a pint of Guiness, take a shot of Jameson, and enjoy this documentary.  Happy St.Patty’s Day MMA nerds!